We divide our service offerings into 2 areas:

  1. Project and Program Consultancy
  2. Resource Fulfilment


Designed to deliver projects in accordance with client requirements, our Project Management Consultants adhere to best practice philosophy as the chassis for project planning and management.

Experienced project managers, with technical and people skills, implement lines of communication that maintain both client awareness and project team focus.

Using processes developed on an extensive range of projects in local and global markets, we lead and coordinate by providing a balanced allocation of risk, responsibility and control.

We provide a single point of resource for a variety of professional management services, and maintain the necessary flexibility to enable a tailored response to unique project and contractual situations.

There should be no question that your organisation will find value in good, sound project management practices. In fact, the larger the project is, the more project management becomes a requirement for success, not just a value-adding proposition. MCG recognise that PMO is increasingly being viewed as an essential component that enables the success of projects, and hence, the future success of the entire organisation.

Each industry has its own rules to live by, its own expectations and its own operational nuances. Each company also has its own characteristics. Fortunately, MCG are fully aware of this and as such our PMO consultants have experience in a multitude of different industries and bring sound knowledge, expertise and lessons learnt to every new project.


Today, change is inevitable. Whatever business you are in, the key is being able to react quickly to opportunties that present themselves. MCG helps you harness that change by providing essential and timely resource at a time when you need it most.

MCG’s resourcing service offering is one of partnership, which we achieve through empathy and understanding of our clients and their businesses. Our goal is to match the best, most experienced resources with our client’s immediate needs. Our resource pool ranges from all levels within an organisation and also specialist “hard-to-source” resources.

For any open and honest discussion about what your requirements are, or even help in determining what they might be, then please get in touch using the email address below:

MCG Professionals